Vulture Appearance
The desert-dwelling Vultures are one of the immediate descendants of the Shifters, and as such have a form ideally suited to their environment. Though not capable of flight, the Vultures have a feathery outer coating that provides much protection against the temperature extremes of the desert as well as light, hollow bird bones that allow for speed of movement and limited natural energy consumption. They have human-like mouths with nearly indestructible teeth and wing-like protrusions that help with balance.

Vulture Life & Culture
Vulture culture is all about taking advantage of what you have when you have it because it’s often gone so quickly. Their bodies are designed to move extraordinarily quickly when food and especially water are in abundance, but they go into a state of hibernation when nothing is available. They have some technology, but they’re more solitary than some of the other races, meeting mainly at oases for the sharing of water.
The biggest recent cultural change was an invention that permits the Vultures to fly over long distances. The first individuals to use these machines covered greater distances than any previous explorers, finding first an ocean, and then across the sea, a land of great abundance, with a huge river of water and more trees than the eye can see.
The discovery of the rainforest sparked an exodus like none previously seen. Though often regarded as an invasion by the other species, the Vulture encroachment into the rainforest wasn’t so much a government-planned warlike annexation as simply the migration of an entire race. The majority of Vultures left in the desert are those too poor to afford the flying contraption or those too stubborn to leave.

Vulture Invasion of the Rainforest
Unfortunately for the previous dwellers of the rainforest, the Treefolk, the mass influx of Vultures quickly began to destroy the carefully balanced symbiosis of the rainforest, and the speed at which the Vultures could work in such an abundant environment stymied any attempt to fight back. Additionally, the Treefolk quickly discovered that treaties formed with an individual Vulture meant nothing to the next. Within a decade, half of the rainforest had been devastated.

Race Aspect
+1 on the skill track to Notice
Vultures can eat anything that once contained (or still contains) life. Their breath often smells especially fetid. As a result, they may not move higher than “Fair” on the skill pyramid for Rapport. They may choose to forgo the Rapport skill entirely for a +1 bonus the first time they take Provoke.
Ability: At will, Vultures can move at a speed X times normal, where X = the number of unique Vulture consequences (winded, exhausted, dazed, knocked out, and coma) taken, with the special qualifier that each lasts a number of days = X. These consequences can be removed by excessive consumption of food and water.


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