There are two major continents on this earth, but one is divided by mountains, a river, and a large sea into two parts (Eprica). The other, larger continent is divided by a mountain range too high to easily cross (Usonia).

Eprica’s vast desert is inhabited by the Vultures, whose only cities are tent villages that arise around oases. Its large rainforest is the domain of the Treefolk, who do not create stationary buildings and who tend to have territories they oversee rather than social groups.

The ocean between Eprica and Usonia holds the Vampires. Though the Vampires have large, intricate, and beautiful cities, only they know their location as they are the only race to have mapped the ocean’s floor.

Usonia’s southern fertile plains are occupied by the Humans, who tend to be direct in their naming conventions and their locations. City 1, the largest and first founded City, lies at the tip of the peninsula and expands farther inward. Cities 2, 3, and 4 are next largest and oldest, halfway between the ocean and the mountains. Cities 5-8 are all up against the forest and mountains, with much less fisherman cultural mores. Far Camp, the only Human installment in the Lycan territories, lies just across the mountains from City 6.

The mountain range that divides the Human Cities from everything else is known as the Edge by the Humans, and it is inhabited by the Dwarves, who live primarily in underground caves and cities with tunnels reaching from one edge to the other.

The Lycans live across in the mountains in territories that are much more diverse in landscape than the Human Cities. Lycan Wolves live in the forest next to the mountains and consider Far Camp part of their territory. The Lycan Coyotes also call this area home. Lycan Bears inhabit the forest north of the Wolves. Lycan Lions live east of the mountains in a dry plains area. Lycan Hyenas live north of the Bears, in a desert area. Lycan Snakes live the farthest south in a heavily wooded area similar to a jungle. Finally, the Lycan Cougars live on the opposite side of a large lake, claiming only the Hyenas as close neighbors. Their lands are rocky, not quite mountains. All of these races are at least mildly migratory, making specific towns rare.


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