Why I Chose Those Three Schools

Conjuration does not exist because there are no alternate planes from which to summon, and magic holds to the basic concept that energy cannot be created or destroyed… just significantly rearranged.

Divination does not exist, for there is no way to know the future in a landscape that is ever-changing.

Enchantment does not exist, for the Spark soul in each race cannot be reached simply by changing the mass of the brain (otherwise Shifters would be forever changing personality with their forms, and Lycans would become the animal form they assume).

Necromancy does not exist because there is no way to bring a soul’s individuality back once it has joined the greater chaotic force of the world. Bodies may be reanimated through the same magic that permits creation of magical items, but these are more like constructs than the returning of beings to life.

Transmutation exists, for it is the simple mutation of existing matter.

Illusion exists because entropic energy can look like anything, though it dissipates eventually. However, it is strictly different than its typical usage: it is NOT mind magic. Illusion does not cause a target or targets to believe something is there that is not. Illusion shapes real entropic energy to LOOK LIKE something else before it dissipates. (If you have a hard time imagining this, think of it as a fantasy version of holograms).

Evocation exists because entropic energy can be channeled raw.

Why I Chose Those Three Schools

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