Unique Mechanics

This page may be considered quick reference for my added mechanics. There are two main new mechanical components: racial traits and magic. More complete descriptions may be found in their respective pages.

Racial Aspects:
Humans: +1 skill; no penalty to interacting with humans; +1 skill every minor milestone
Lycans: +2 to Athletics or Physique; Deceive roll negates penalty to interacting with humans; at will, shapeshift into the animal form of their clan; +1 Investigate in animal form
Stone Dwarves: +2 to Fight; +1 point to all stress and consequences boxes
Metal Dwarves: +2 to Lore; at will, use Lore to create an advantage on any enemy once
Vultures: +1 to Notice; eat anything; no higher than Fair Rapport (or no Rapport, +1 Provoke); at will, may take X actions per turn and receive X consequences lasting X days
Treefolk: +1 to Empathy and Physique; add two stunts to list
Vampires: +2 to Rapport; feed weekly; at will, make two successful Rapport rolls against a target to feed on the target’s lifeforce (heal up to the amount of damage caused)
Shifters: +2 to Deceive; must take a lonely aspect; at will, assume any form (Deceive roll to imitate an extant individual)

Magic system:
Determine school –
Transmutation: Lore
Illusion: Rapport
Evocation: Lore, Rapport, or Physique
Roll for success using appropriate skill. This roll is always opposed, with a difficulty determined by amount of energy used, precision necessary for the spell, and sentience of the target.
To attach a lasting magical effect to an object requires a stunt, uses a FATE point and adds 2 difficulty.
If successful, named effect occurs.

Roll Physique to avoid damage; successful Lore or Rapport shifts from the first roll carry over.
Target number is equal to amount of power used (see Table of Entropic Charge)
If the Physique roll fails, take an entropic consequence based on degree of failure.

Unique Mechanics

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