Table of Entropic Charge

There are two major rolls that affect magic casting: the success roll and the Physique roll.

A success roll is ALWAYS opposed. Its difficulty will often be obvious (a target’s physical defense, for instance), but some things modify it. First, the MORE a caster is trying to do, the harder their roll is: it is more difficult to call lots of energy than very little. Second, however, the more precise their control must be, the more difficult it is: it is much harder to target just an opponent’s windpipe than their whole body. Finally, a target with a will is going to be harder than a target without (adjust by order of sentience). Generally, a caster can be expected to be using their best skill for this, and my characters are extra-powerful thanks to the racial traits, so anticipate an easy roll being around 3-5. Failure on this roll DOES NOT prevent the physique roll.

The second roll the caster makes is essentially a defense roll, using only their Physique (and a stunt or aspect if one is applicable, obviously). Shifts above the target number for the success roll lower the target number of the physique roll an equivalent amount. Generally, the following chart can be used based on the amount of power the caster is using:
A little: 4
A lot: 8
Epic: 12
World-altering: 20

Failure on the physique roll results in consequences based on how badly the caster failed and how much power they were trying to use. A little power can cause up to a moderate consequence; a lot of power can cause up to a severe consequence; epic power can cause up to an extreme consequence; world-altering power can cause either a severe or extreme consequence. Generally, the worse the caster’s roll, the worse the consequence. The worst level of consequence should be a roll equal to about half of the target number.

Possible consequences are at the GM’s discretion.

A quick reference:
Roll + Rapport/Lore/Physique – opposing stat > 0 = Successful cast!
Otherwise, failed spell.

IF Rapport/Lore: Shifts of success + Roll + Physique > amount of power used (a little/a lot/etc) = no damage!
IF Physique: Roll + Physique > amount of power used = no damage!
Otherwise, damage based on amount of power used & degree of failure (if total roll = 1/2 required number, worst possible consequence. Otherwise, adjust at least one consequence down).

Table of Entropic Charge

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