Treefolk Appearance
Native inhabitants of the mighty rainforests, the Treefolk chose to emulate flora over fauna, becoming as the trees around them and fostering life in their canopies. Treefolk are highly symbiotic beings, feeding on the happiness and virility of their inhabitants and giving back tenfold what they receive. As such, they enact violence but rarely, and only for preservation’s sake.

Life & Culture
Despite their pleasant nature, Treefolk are fairly solitary, thriving on the nurturing of their creatures rather than the company of others of their kind, Family units tend to last only until their young have developed a stable ecosystem. In times of need (when sickness or blight threatens them all), they occasionally band together, but historically such instances have been rare.

Treefolk Massacre & Refugees
The recent discovery of the resource-abundant (but ecologically fragile) rainforest by the Vultures has been a cataclysm like never before experienced by the Treefolk. Horrified by the rampant destruction but ill-equipped to fight back, the Treefolk have divided into three distinct groups. About a third have been killed in the rampage. Another third have fled in search of help and safe haven.
The rest have remained, learning to fight and banding together for war.

Race Aspect
+1 Empathy, +1 Physique
Treefolk create two stunts that reflect the nature of the beings living in their canopy and add these to their list for free.


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