Gratine Monarchy

The supposed descendants of the First Human himself, the Gratine Monarchy has ruled the Human lands for all of recorded history through divine right. All monarchs have multiple children; following the birth of the second son of any monarch, all of that monarch’s siblings take oaths of celibacy to the church, ensuring piety and limited succession fights. The King is considered the head of the church and the state, but his Bishops handle the majority of day to day church affairs, and the Lord of each City manages the political day to day.

Recent Gratine family tree (# indicates birth order among siblings; includes only legitimate children as any illegitimate siblings would be in grave danger and are not known)

Generation A:
Orlando (1) (dies at 4 of an untreatable illness)
Leopold (2) (becomes King, marries Queen Renata; dies at 70 after a long reign)
Claudia (3) (becomes a nun, dies celebrated for her charity work)

Generation B (the children of Leopold and Renata):
Carla (1) (takes oaths to the church)
George (2) (dies in a horsing accident at age 15)
Calvin (3) (becomes King, marries Queen Rachel, dies in battle at 55)
Renaldo (4) (takes oaths to the church, eventually becomes head Bishop in City 1)

Generation C (the children of Calvin and Rachel)
Valerie (1) (stillborn)
Maura (2) (takes oaths to the church then mysteriously vanishes)
Victor (3) (becomes King at 20, marries Queen Celia; the current ruler)
Ernesto (4) (refuses to take oaths to the Church; convicted “independently” of gender malfeasance and burnt at the stake)

Generation D (the children of Victor and Celia)
Edmond (1)
Lisa (2)
Roman (3) (a childhood accident leaves him crippled but alive)
Rosa (4)

Gratine Monarchy

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