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  • Second Session

    Upon arrival in City 7, [[:rosalind-luna | Rosalind Stanton Luna]] tested her counterfeiting chops by sending (Amy) to buy a loaf of bread with fake money. The baker happily accepted the money, and while (Amy) fed on her, she bemoaned the loss of her …

  • Third Session

    After a few days of rest in City 7, the travelers decided it was time to move on. Both [[:alec-vourkan | Alec Vourkan]] and (Amy) seemed quite determined that City 1 should be their destination, urging [[:dez-graves | Dez Graves]] to consider the patrons …

  • Steamworks

    Whispers and rumors abound, but nothing is solidly known by the populace of the new energy technology the scientists are pursuing. [[Second Session | Second Session]] [[Third Session | Third Session]]

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