New Order

Second Session

Kleptomaniac Birds

Upon arrival in City 7, Rosalind Stanton Luna tested her counterfeiting chops by sending (Amy) to buy a loaf of bread with fake money. The baker happily accepted the money, and while (Amy) fed on her, she bemoaned the loss of her family heirloom, a magical breadpan. The group chose to stay at the local inn, with Alec Vourkan minding the wagon. Chatting with the customers revealed several other missing magical items, and a customer for Dez Graves. During the night, Dez woke up to find a sparrow-sized bird stealing a piece from his new loom. He screamed, alerting Rosalind, (Amy) and Alec to the bird’s theft, just as it flew out the window. In two jumps, Alec scaled the nearest building and chased the bird. Sheltered by the dark, he shifted forms to follow it faster and managed to keep up with it for nearly a mile. In another leap, he knocked it out of the air and to the ground.

After Alec returned to the group with the bird’s corpse, an examination revealed that the bird was not flesh and blood, but rather both magical and mechanical. The next morning, they set off in the direction that Alec had tracked the bird, keeping an eye out for anything unusual. Close to the outskirts of town, they found a shop that purported sell magical and mechanical knicknacks.

They entered the shop together. While the proprietor, Oliver, showed them around the shop, Rosalind snuck down a hidden trapdoor into a basement. In one corner, she found a huge machine with a glowing center. From all around she heard the twittering of birds. When she fled back upstairs, she alerted the rest of the team that this was the person behind the thefts.

(Devin) reacted immediately by stabbing Oliver. He took the hit, then made a dash for the door. With a click, he shut and locked it behind him as the trap door flew open, releasing flocks of mechanical birds upon the team. Alec jumped on the door, blocking half the flock, but he couldn’t protect Rosalind from the ones already out as they dive-bombed her. (Amy) grabbed one of Oliver’s wares and, in the space of a few heartbeats, had re-formed it into a bomb. Damaged, but alive, Rosalind dove under the stairs for protection.

Infuriated, Alec leapt across the room and through the door. (Devin) followed closely behind him, and together they knocked Oliver unconscious, Alec shrugging off the spell he flung at her. Dez grabbed Rosalind and (Amy), pulling them through the door, and (Amy) threw her newly created bomb upwards into the flocks of birds, easily killing all of the birds in the explosion.

The immediate dangers addressed, (Devin) tied up their unconscious captive and they raided his shop. In a bowl downstairs they found the more recently purloined items, and in a chest upstairs they found a variety of helpful magical and mechanical trinkets that they each pocketed. Anxious to escape before the police arrived, they left a note describing the explosive potential of the steam engine in the basement and an account of Oliver’s theft and the stolen goods next to his tied-up form before absconding.



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