New Order


Murder in City 8

In City 8, a mysterious body appeared in a back alley. Upon examination, he was discovered to be a member of the Royal Courier Service who had been killed for unknown reasons. Aging police officer (Karen), up-and-coming Royal Service Investigator (Keenan), and unpredictable PI (Devin) are set to investigate the murder in utmost secrecy. A trip to the Royal Courier Service’s office revealed that the victim had been primarily assigned to renowned local noble General McKenna, hero of the Lycan War. Further investigation at the house of the General and his friends quickly revealed evidence of a plot to overthrow the monarchy. The three escaped unscathed, but not unnoticed, and rode as quickly as they could toward the City 1, seat of the monarchy. About a day’s ride out, they were beset by a team of surprisingly well-armed men clearly on a mission to stop them. They fought off the group, but in the chaos, (Devin) swiped the evidence from (Keenan) and destroyed it. When confronted about his treachery, he fled with only a few choice remarks. (Karen) was left unsure where she stood, while (Keenan) failed to shoot him. The pair chose to continue to the royal palace with their news rather than chase him down. Following their reports, arrest warrants were release for General McKenna, his compatriots, and (Devin), but the General was thoroughly hidden by the time the King’s men arrived to arrest him.



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