New Order


Solo Adventures

When the adventurers arrived in City 7, they were surprised to discover that Josef thought they would be more effective as teams than a group. He immediately put Dez Graves and (Devin) to work as traveling propagandists, encouraging their travels throughout the cities to (subtly) spread dissent. Their first stop was the merchant city; there they were open about their motives, encouraging the newly-monyed to fight for new rights. They met with little opposition there. They spent the majority of their time in City 4, subtly nudging younger military members towards the revolution’s way of thinking: Did they really want to fight the deadly Lycan menace? Throughout their travels, (Devin) negotiated with locals to provide safe houses for anyone who would be helpless in the fighting: the young, the old, and the handicapped. At the end of their two weeks, they returned to City 7 to prepare for war. Dez rented a loft in a barn on the edge of the city and built an underground escape tunnel in case things got too scary.

Meanwhile, Alec Vourkan and Rosalind Stanton Luna traveled to the university in City 6 to gauge the disposition of its people. Alec found one of his Lycan contacts and used him to send a message to his people: General McKenna was sincere in his desire to help their people. Rosalind finally found her brother, but he had taken their parents’ deaths hard and would hear no talk of revolution. He seemed to be in the minority in the city, though, and Rosalind worried for his safety in the coming weeks, Finally, she made him promise to hide if anything out of the ordinary happened. He agreed to humor her, but it was better than nothing.

Finally, Josef set (Amy) up in the shop where they’d once defeated four flocks of birds and a magical scientist. It had both tools and materials at hand, and (Amy) quickly began to build devices for the revolution. Over the course of the next two weeks, she built ten messenger rats with one power charger per city and five machine guns. She also began work on a robot bodyguard but ran out of time to armor it. It was mobile but nothing more.



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