New Order

Fourth Session


Following their capture last session, Alec Vourkan, Dez Graves, and (Devin) all woke up in secure prison cells. After an adequate though unappealing breakfast, Dez and (Devin) socialized while the infirmary nurse set and bound Alec’s shattered hip. A few pain meds and a crutch later, Alec joined them for lunch. They discovered that there were four other prisoners in individual cells. Discussion revealed two murderers, an identity thief, and a scarred man convicted of treason who had clearly been tortured. The man looked familiar to (Devin), but it wasn’t until they chatted longer that (Devin) placed him as the subject of several Wanted posters awhile back. He introduced himself as Raymond Flint, Private Detective. In their private conversation, he hinted that he expected to break out sometime soon, but wouldn’t say more. Dez had refashioned his prison outfit into something more stylish than anyone else was wearing, and upon seeing it, the guards asked him to do the same for their uniforms. He requested materials with which to do so, and was given a sewing needle and a sheet.

Meanwhile, (Amy) and Rosalind Stanton Luna debated the easiest way to break their friends out of prison. After some consideration, they decided to use the favor owed to them by the Lady of Crime. While waiting for a meeting with her, Lucas Fairchild found them at the inn. In conceited language, he indicated that he had been the source of all their recent troubles, and offered to free their friends, no questions asked, if Rosalind would simply return home and marry him. When she flatly refused his offer, he told her he would be back in a day, and that she should spend some time thinking about it. After all, who knew how long her bard friend had left? He then hit her with a spell that rendered her mute and left, saying that if she changed her mind, he could be found at Simon Turner’s villa.

Furious, but aware of her own limitations and the needs of her friends, Rosalind patiently awaited their meeting with the Lady of Crime. Though hesitant at first, the Lady of Crime eventually informed the pair that they were in luck: their friends were housed with a high-profile target, and an escape plan was already in motion. Relieved, they stayed with her until that night, when she instructed them to meet their friends.

In the prison, (Devin) was doing his best to charm one of the guards into freeing them, but despite his success in making the guard like him, it didn’t seem likely that he would help (Devin) escape in time to save himself. That night, however, he found a note under his pillow saying only: 330am. Be ready.

When the time came, (Devin) expected to see the guard he had charmed. Instead, he heard quiet thumps followed by snoring, and the main door to the prison opened. A dinner-shift guard opened his cell and beckoned him out. In hushed whispers, she explained that she had been sent to help him and three others escape. She opened the cells of Dez, Alec, and Raymond Flint, bidding them to hurry, and be quiet about it.

Determined not to leave behind his cock-enhancing ring, (Devin) demanded that they break into the warden’s office to retrieve their personal items. After some manipulation of the lock with Dez’s needle, Dez and (Devin) were able to get into the room and steal back their stuff. Dez’s loom was a lost cause, however, as it could not be easily carried during their escape. Rather than let the warden have it, Dez broke it and left it behind.

Despite their efforts to be sneaky in the dark military encampment that surrounded the prison, a particularly alert guard heard their movements from inside his tent and came out to see what was happening. When Alec’s silencing punch missed, (Devin)’s quick thinking saved them, convincing the guard that they were other guards just out for a drink. He went back inside his tent. Their rescuer guard left them on their own after showing them to a rope that had been prepared for them to help them over the wall. The four of them scrambled neatly over, but the noises attracted a contingent of guards who has been patrolling the camp. Desperate, (Devin) cast a spell that created the illusion that they were part of the wall. Finding nothing, the patrol left them alone, and they made it safely out of the camp.

They met (Amy) and Rosalind on the other side, who lead them back to the mansion that was the Lady of Crime’s residence. Maria Giovanni was waiting for them, and she showed Raymond to his room with an excited air. Before he left, Alec pulled him aside to ask about the Revolution meeting the following night. Raymond said that if Alec knew about the meeting, he was welcome to come.

As night wore into early morning, the team of fugitives decided that they couldn’t stay in City 1, but that they also couldn’t leave with business finished between them and Lucas. They formulated a plan, and implemented it immediately. (Amy) and Rosalind entered Simon’s house on the pretense that Rosalind had changed her mind. When (Amy) told Lucas that Rosalind wanted a minute alone with him, he immediately took her into his study, leaving Amy alone with Simon. With no one watching and Simon’s romantic advances, it was the perfect opportunity. (Amy) reached out with a tentacle and slowly began to feed. Simon’s life-force was nearly completely gone by the time he realized what was happening. His last act before falling unconscious was to cast a quick spell releasing a loud warning gong.

At the same time (Amy) was sucking Simon dry, Lucas attempted to kiss Rosalind. Enraged, she bit the tongue he was trying to shove into her mouth and pushed him backwards. As planned, Alec crashed through the window and knocked him to the ground, hitting him so hard his head was spinning. Dez followed through the window with a blunt sword and stabbed Lucas in the side, though as far as anyone could tell, it had almost no effect. (Devin) was the last one in, and his sharp little knife cut a nasty wound on Lucas’s shoulder. Rosalind took the chance to hit him with a spell of her own: less finessed, but just as effective, she completely closed off his throat, preventing him from breathing. Lucas pulled himself up and pushed his back against a wall, trying to prevent himself from being attacked from all sides. Alec grabbed his head and smashed it against the wall. Dez tried to stab him again but missed and poked Alec instead. (Devin) cut his arm. Dizzy though he was, Lucas finally managed to get his wits about him enough to cast a spell, making the air around them feel like sludge, dampening all momentum. Rosalind turned the wall behind his head into a spike, and Alec tried to push his head back into it, but was hampered by the movement of the air. Dez and (Devin) were equally ineffectual, and Lucas took advantage of the time to turn the air poisonous. The entire group took one sickening breath before Rosalind had the presence of mind to lift the poisoned air into a cloud above their heads, the open window allowing pure air to rush in and fill the gap. In one final hit, Alec slammed Lucas’s head back against the spike, breaking his neck and rendering him unconscious. As soon as he was out cold, (Devin) proceeded, to the horror and awe of all around him, to castrate Lucas and put his genitals in their owner’s mouth. Rosalind did the final deed, using her dainty little belt knife to slit his throat. With Lucas dead, the spell binding her vocal cords dissolved, and she could speak again.

Just as they were finishing their battle, Simon’s warning peal from the other room sounded, and the group fled, (Amy) following their retreating forms out the window. A quick discussion resulted in the decision to hide outside the city until nightfall, at which point they would all accompany Alec to the Revolution meeting that night.

At the meeting, Raymond Flint was presented as a hero before General McKenna, leader of the Revolution, took the stage to deliver some important news: in City 2, a prominent noble magical family, the Lunas, had been lynched by angry townsfolk, following the charges of counterfeiting that had been brought against them being dropped. Though unpleasant, he said that this incident was exactly the kind of thing that the Revolution needed to act as a catalyst for the war to come. He urged all current members to double their pace, and new members to find something to do, someone to help, or simply spread dissent wherever they went.

This news stunned the group, leaving Dez viciously happy, but leaving Rosalind with an aching heart. Though she wasn’t as displeased to hear of her parents’ death as she might have been if they’d been better parents to her, the news hadn’t mentioned her brother, leaving her unsure of whether or not he had escaped the townspeople’s wrath. Together, though, they agreed to embark on a new journey together: aiding the Revolution’s aims however they could.



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