New Order

First Session

Escape from a Wedding

During the final fitting session for Rosalind Stanton Luna‘s wedding, she burst into tears and fled the room. Concerned for his dress, Dez Graves sent Alec Vourkan to fetch her back. Upon their return, it quickly became apparent that Rosalind had no desire to marry her fiancée, and had agreed only because her parents had insisted. Together, (Amy), (Devin), Rosalind, and Alec hatched a plot to spirit her away that night, thereby preventing the wedding and freeing her from her parents’ control. Dez, on his own, decided to influence the chef to change the wine for that evening’s rehearsal dinner to something stronger, causing the entire wedding party to get raving drunk. (Devin) helped Rosalind successfully escape, and they and (Amy) fled north with plans to meet Dez and Alec later.

Upon the discovery that Rosalind was missing, the Luna house shut down, preventing anyone from leaving. Furious at Dez’s interference, Wanda Luna swore to ruin his good name forever as well as not pay him what he was owed by their contract. Though he said he’d take her to court, her laughter forced a realization that she was noble and he was not: he would get no retribution. When everyone was finally allowed to leave, Dez and (Amy) traveled to meet Alec, (Devin), and Rosalind.

Within a few minutes of being reunited, it became apparent Dez had been tracked, for a squad of policemen and Rosalind’s fiancée Lucas Fairchild burst into the clearing. Rosalind decided to use her magic to show the police that her parents were the source of the counterfeit money polluting City 2’s economy, at which point they chose to return to City 2 to deal with that, especially as she clearly had not been kidnapped. When Lucas refused to leave, Alec threw him up a tree and the group absconded.



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