New Order

Fifth Session

Blow Up the Rumor Mill

After a chat with General McKenna that convinced Alec Vourkan that he could be trusted, the team reported to a brisk librarian-looking woman for assignment. After assessing their abilities and their status as a team, she decided to send them to Josef, City 7’s revolutionary leader. On the way, however, she requested that they do their best to turn a printing press to the Revolution’s side. She explained that the merchant who had first developed printing press technology now had a widely profitable business in City 5, and that the Revolution had tried multiple times to turn him, but his enviable economic status made hims reluctant to risk his comfort for ideals. They needed the power of the written word, however, so Dez Graves was sent to use his skill with the disparaging word to bring the merchant down, preferably convincing him it was a noble’s fault in the process.

The journey to City 5 involved successfully navigating City 4, however, home of the nation’s military arm. Most of the team made it through successfully, but Alec and (Amy) each found themselves distracted. Alec couldn’t help but defend a small boy whose drunken father was beating him, and (Amy) wandered across the abandoned gun of a soldier engaged in lewd activity with a woman. With the help of some disguises and a well-placed knock on a guard’s head by Alec, they managed to flee out of the city through a hole between the houses that made up the city limits.

Reunited with their companions, they continued undaunted to City 5. Once in the town, Dez and (Devin) went to work scouring the community for interesting rumors, while (Amy) and Rosalind Stanton Luna scoped out the shop as interested buyers. By the end of the day, Dez and (Devin) had both discovered that the City Lord’s daughter was entangled with the merchant’s son, and (Devin) was more than a little drunk. While the group discussed plans, they missed (Devin) vanishing, only to return with the two thugs that he’d thought were necessary to fulfill Dez’s plan. While all of the group stared at him, aghast, he proceeded to reveal their entire plot to frame the City Lord for the vandalizing of the merchant’s shop. Finally, Alec had the sense of mind to cover (Devin)’s mouth, and they dismissed the very confused but greedy-eyed thugs.

With that plan lost to them, they decided to dig a little deeper into the budding romantic relationship. Upon further inspection, it appeared that the girl was quite infatuated with the merchant’s son, but he didn’t share her interest. Complicating the matter was a servant girl’s whispered confession that her mistress was “throwing up every morning, if you get my drift.”

With this information, the rumors nearly wrote themselves. Dez successfully spread the news around town that “The City Lord’s daughter is pregnant, and the merchant’s son means to marry her.” They sat back and watched as the City Lord actually destroyed the merchant’s shop as a warning to stay away from his daughter, leaving the merchant ruined and furious as the Revolution had desired.

Taking advantage of the situation, (Amy) introduced herself as a scientist and offered to fix the merchant’s printing press. She did as promised – but stole a critical magical component that made the press run itself to build her own for Dez.

With no further complications, they proceeded to City 7 and reported to Josef for direction.



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