New Order

Character Creation

Crossing Paths

A young man inheriting his father’s tailor business after his father’s death, Dez Graves searched the Human lands for the best cloth with which to outfit his father for the funeral. Gypsy (Devin) enchanted some cloth to provide the illusion of life and sold it to him as normal cloth, forever convincing Dez that clothes were a form of magic.

Traveling the world in search of patrons, Dez provided the wardrobe for noble mage Rosalind Stanton Luna. He was the first tailor to make Rosalind feel as though her clothes reflected her true nature.

Meanwhile, some of (Devin)’s caravan got themselves in trouble with a noble and found themselves imprisoned. When he broke them out, he also found and rescued (Amy), an odd loner who can fix anything. She joined his caravan and they have traveled together since.

Willing to go to any lengths for the best cloth, Dez journeyed all the way to Far Camp. While there, unbeknownst to him, a Lycan-Wolf cub crawled into his wagon. Furious about the kidnapping, the local Lycan pack raided the camp with Alec Vourkan as their leader. When the mistake was discovered, Alec offered to travel into the Human lands with Dez acting as his bodyguard as recompense, disguising his ulterior motive of joining McKenna’s revolution.

Upon arriving in the Human lands, Dez received a message that he had been selected at the request of the bride to outfit the wedding of Rosalind to Lucas Fairchild. Dez and Alec immediately went in search of the most appropriate cloth. After some travel, they were able to track down (Devin). Together they traveled to Rosalind’s seaside manor.

On the way, (Amy) fed on Alec and deduced his true race. Additionally, (Amy) and (Devin) together created a loom that would weave enchanted cloth for Dez, though neither expected it to last forever.

Upon arrival, (Devin) discovered Rosalind counterfeiting money for her parents and requested that she do the same for a nearby destitute family who was struggling to eat. Rosalind agreed, a sympathy for the peasantry growing in her heart. When the money was discovered, however, (Devin) and (Amy)’s companions were picked up by the police for counterfeiting money, leaving them on their own.



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